Stratified Flow

Salt Water Dam Break in Freshwater

– Density salt water: 1010.0 kg/m3
– Density fresh waterr: 998.207 kg/m3



Temperature induced Gravity Current Front with Free Surface Motion

Experimental Setup

– Rectangular basin: 3.0m long, 0.2m wide, 1.0m high
– Water level: 0.8m
– Collapsing cold water column with 4°C into warmer water with 20°C
– Density water 4°C: 999.972 kg/m3
– Density water 20°C: 998.207 kg/m3

Numerical Setup

– Grid: dx = 0.01m and 600.000 cells
– Free Surface: Level Set Method
– Initialization: Hydrostatic pressure
– Convection discretization: WENO
– Time discretization: 3rd-order Runge-Kutta
– Pressure: Projection method
– Turbulence: LES Smagorinsky


Fig. 1: Temperature distribution at t=0.0s

Fig. 2: Temperature distribution at t=15.0s

Fig. 3: Velocity distribution at t=15.0s

Fig. 4: Temperature distribution at t=30.0s

Fig. 5: Velocity distribution at t=30.0s

Fig. 6: Temperature distribution at t=45.0s

Fig. 7: Velocity distribution at t=45.0s

Fig. 8: Free surface elevation for different time steps along the center line of the basin