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REEF3D::SFLOW is a non-hydrostatic shallow water equations (SWE) model. This means that all flow quantities are depth-averaged, resulting in a two-dimensional solver. The model can be use for wave propagation and open channel flow. Sediment transport is incorporated through bedload based transport mode. The unique characteristics of REEF3D::SLOW are:

  • High-order discretization in space (5th-order WENO)
  • High-order discretization in time (3rd-order TVD Runge-Kutta)
  • Full Parallelization with domain decomposition and MPI, delivering very good scalability
  • Quadratic dynamic pressure assumption, leading to correct phase velocities for shallow and intermediate wave conditions
  • Geometric multigrid preconditioned CG-solver (hyper) for efficient solution of the dynamic pressure equation
  • Varying bathymetry with geometry input form DIVEMesh


Coastal Wave Propagation: Mehamn Habor

Coastal Modeling: Breaking Waves over a reef

Open Channel Flow: Nidelva River at Stavne Reach in Trondheim

Sediment Transport: Erosion in a Meandering Channel

Sediment Transport: Local Scour around an Arch Bridge

Scientific References

a selection of relevant papers covering the different aspects of REEF3D::SFLOW, the collection of all papers including post-prints can be found under Publications

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