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REEF3D is free software; you can distribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Current Versions:


REEF3D 18.08

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Changes 18.08
x bug fixes for open channel flow and solid geometry
Changes 18.07
x fixed a crash with the potential flow initialization
x fixed a bug with the position of porous structures
x fixed several small bugs around non-uniform grid implementation
x fixed a problem for sediment and solid/stl combination
x fixed a bug in sediment sandslide algorithm
x fixed a bug with solid and topo reinitialization
x added different types of multidirectional irregular wave calculation
x changed format of grid file from ascii to binary
Changes 18.06
x added non-uniform grid NUG
x added new rheology yield stress implementation
x added VRANS vegetation model
x added pressure correction projection method
x added triangulation based force calculation for 6DOF
x added 3rd-order WENO
x improved solid force calculation
x fixed a problem with multiple force boxes
x fixed a problem with the wave number calculation for 5th-order Stokes waves
x fixed a problem for level set reinitalization around complex solids
x fixed a velocity problem for the full wave tank initialization
x added space-time decomposition for irregular wave generation for relaxation method
x optimized overall wave generation for speed
x fixed a bug for 2nd-order irregular wave generation
x added stopping criterion for critical velocities
x created standalone ccipol and position classes
x changed ccipol to global coordinates
x changed statefile format (not backwards compatible)
x improved wave reconstruction for steep and focused waves
x moved iterative solvers for velocity and turbulence to hypre BiCGStab
x added momentum conservative discretization for SFLOW
x added dirichlet wave generation to SFLOW
x added active wave absorption to SFLOW
x fixed SFLOW breaking term
x fixed vertical offset problem for SFLOW bedlevels
x reduced memory usage for solid objects on 2D grids
x moved Z parameters to A

DIVEMesh 18.07
Please make sure to use the newest DIVEMesh version along with the newest REEF3D version.

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